Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend of Cheerleading!

This weekend was full of cheerleading.  Abbie has been on a Tiger League team, the Cowboys of course, for three seasons now and loves it!  Saturday she had a game.  It was the final game of the season and the winner advanced to the Super Bowl.  Sadly, we lost but the boys played great and the girls had fun cheering them on as always.  Sloan loves going to the games.  She stands at the fence and just yells Abbie's name over and over again.  I am sure she can't wait until she can get out there and shake her little tooshie too!

Sunday her cheerleading squad competed in a real competition.  It was called Cheer Mania and was hosted by The Colony High School.  They won 2nd place in their division and I must say that they defeated some pretty awesome teams!  They looked so cute with their glitter eye shadow and red lipstick...I could tell I was hormonal because after their performance all of the parents were in the stands cheering extremely loud and the girls just looked so excited and proud of themselves that I found myself getting teary eyed.  Hahaha!  Not typical of me at all.  Abbie was so excited they won 2nd place because 3rd place and above got a trophy instead of a medal.  Her Mimi bought her flowers for a job well done so when we stopped for lunch on the way home, Abbie of course had to bring her flowers and trophy in to the restaurant.  The hostess made a huge deal about how awesome it was that she won and you could instantly see her swell with pride.  Priceless memories.

Jimmy is in Glen Rose, TX for the first part of the week.  His boss takes all of the managing partners on an annual hunting trip.  If you know Jimmy, then you know that he isn't exactly the "hunting type".  Well, his boss bought him an awesome $5000 Barretta shot gun (thanks John!) and we made a trip to Bass Pro for some hunting gear and he was set.  He left Sunday morning and will be back some time Tuesday night.  I talked to him this morning and he has shot 3 quail and 5 pheasant so far.  Good Job Daddy!  There is no telling how many times my beginner hunter had to fire that shot gun to actually get 8 birds, but still he has shot 8 birds on his first trip!  He said he is having lots of fun and is already looking forward to next years trip.

Like I said, November is a really busy month for us so keep checking in!  Lots of fun stuff going on so stayed tuned!


Cory & Courtney said...

I am so excited that you have a blog!!! I love these and check them all the time. It is such a great way to keep in touch.

Simmons Family said...

The girls look so adorable in thier cheerleading outfits!! We have a blog too that needs to be updated. (I will get there soon)! You'll have to take a look when I do! Hope yall had fun at Sea World! We missed you guys at the party :(

Lots of love~ Jaclyn