Friday, November 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged...Oh The Pressure!

8 TV Shows I Love To Watch:
1.  Gray's Anatomy
2.  A Baby Story
3.  Bringing Home Baby
4.  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team
5.  All My Children
6.  The View
7.  The Hills
8.  Celebrity Rehab

8 Of My Favorite Restaurants:
1.  Kobe
2.  Texas Roadhouse
3.  Olive Garden
4.  Del Frisco's
5.  Nick and Sam's
6.  San Miguel
7.  PF Chang's
8.  Cheesecake Factory

8 Things That Have Happened Today:
1.  Woke up
2.  Made Sloan cinnamon rolls for breakfast
3.  Let the dog out
4.  Jimmy left to go back to Florida
5.  My dad and Diane came over the use my computer
6.  I ironed Sloan's clothes for the weekend and pack her bag
7.  Kissed Sloan good-bye
8.  Filled out this thing!  (it's still morning)

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
1.  Thanksgiving
2.  Our trip to Sea World this weekend
3.  Our family Christmas pictures
4.  Christmas
5.  Finding out if baby #2 is a boy or a girl
6.  Living in the same house as my husband full time again...can't wait
7.  Having baby #2
8.  Spending time with my family over the holidays

8 Things On My Wishlist:
1.  A baby boy (I will be happy either way...more wishing for Jimmy)
2.  For Sloan to lose the cough and runny just gets on my nerves
3.  For Jimmy's job to bring him back to Dallas (wishful thinking!)
4.  A bigger car before the new baby gets here
5.  A new zoom lens for my camera
6.  A million dollars...don't we all want that?!
7.  A full time nanny, butler, chauffer, etc...hahaha!
8.  A happy and heathly family

8 People I Tag:
1.  Lori
2.  Lorin
3.  Sister
4.  Mom
5.  Courtney
6.  Angela
7.  Kristen
8.  Niki

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