Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big Sister Stuff

I finally got the girls' big sister shirts in the mail this week and I am so excited.  I think they are so cute and can't wait to see them wearing them when they come to meet baby Landry!  Abbie wasn't overly excited about hers (but what do you expect from an almost 10 year old) until I told her that she and Sloan had matching shirts.  I think after I said that she realized that it was important to me for them to both have one.  Here is a picture I snapped on my phone when they came in.  I think they are precious!
I went to the doctor today and everything is progressing nicely.  We are on the downhill slide. Dr. Banks said that she definitely felt like I wouldn't make it full term and after next weeks appointment that she is comfortable with me having this baby anytime.  One minute I am SOOOO ready and the next minute I am SOOOO nervous.  I just have a lot of anxiety about how everything is going to happen.  Will Jimmy be here, will it be in the middle of the night, how will Sloan react, how will I manage 2 under 2...and the list goes on!  I am sure these are all normal pre-delivery jitters but I just really don't remember having them with Sloan.  We have been talking a lot about how Sloan is going to be a big sister but I am absolutely convinced that she totally doesn't get it.  She might surprise us all but I am quite sure that she is going to be extremely jealous.  I am really just trying to spend as much one-on-one time with her these next few weeks while I can.  Neither one of us is really ready to share our time quite yet!

I will keep everyone posted as to how things are going.  T minus 3 weeks...MAX!!!! 


Jodi said...

ok- I havent seen a belly shot yet!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the name Landry! CUTE!

Jordan and Courtney said...

Thanks for the post on our blog. I'm glad to hear that all went well with your pregnancy and that Jimmy was here for it. It's crazy how God works things out. Hope all is going well, and you're getting some kind of sleep.